Although we had to wait a year longer than planned, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics have already started! With a few tests already done and athletics just starting, the JJOO They are getting very exciting and we have wondered what it would be like if our favorite video game characters actually participated. That is why we have decided to create this special report in which we bring you to 10 video game characters who would win a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics. Let’s go there!

Master Chief – Tire

If something has become clear to us throughout the many adventures we have lived with John-117, it is that the Master Chief he is one of the greatest experts in the use of firearms. That is why we have no doubt that he would win the gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games if he competed in Shooting. An original way to refine your aim for the launch of Halo Infinite.

Kratos – Hammer Throw

If there’s a video game character who can pick up a hammer and throw it farther than anyone else, it has to be Kratos. The protagonist of the God of War saga has already shown his expertise by throwing the Ax of Leviathan against his enemies in his latest PS4 adventure and we are sure that he would be just as good at doing the same with a hammer, although a hammer is not exactly the same. Maybe in God of war ragnarok Let’s see Kratos make use of the Mjölnir after facing Thor.

Riders we have seen a lot in the world of video games, but none like Link. The protagonist of the saga The legend of zelda He maintains a close relationship with Epona, his mare, and together they have been able to overcome whatever challenges have come their way over the past 35 years. So, whether in dressage or show jumping, Link would take the gold in the Olympics without a doubt.

Marcus Fenix ​​- Weightlifting

When the first Gears of war reached the market, one of the aspects that most caught the attention of the general public was the physical appearance of its protagonists. So much Marcus fenix like the rest of Delta Squad they had unusual features, showing more muscles than Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. A physicist that would be great for good old Marcus Fenix ​​to compete in weightlifting at the Tokyo Olympics and win the gold medal by lifting weights.

Mario – High Jump

Before the world met Mario as the plumber with the mustache who always rescues Princess Peach from the evil Bowser, the character was engaged in carpentry and called himself Jumpman (Jumper in Spanish). This is how the character was originally thought by Shigeru Miyamoto when he created it for Donkey Kong in 1981. Since then, Mario has not stopped jumping from platform to platform until he reaches the top of the flagpole of the castle and nobody does it like him. All this makes Mario the ideal candidate to win the gold medal in high jump at an Olympic Games.

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Nathan Drake – Climbing

The sport climbing is one of the various disciplines that make their debut within the Olympic Games in the Tokyo 2020 edition. In the world of video games there are numerous climbers, but few with as much style as Nathan drake. The main protagonist of the saga Uncharted He is used to having great adventures and if he has to climb mountains or walls at full speed to do so, he does it without problems. So who better to win Olympic climbing gold?

Sonic – 100 meter dash

There can be little debate around which is the fastest video game character. The immediate response of every fan in the world should be Sonic. SEGA’s blue hedgehog runs that he peels them and has shown it dozens of times. No one can match his speed and he would undoubtedly be the winner of the 100 meter sprint at the Tokyo Olympics. What’s more, we dare to say that if he really competed, Sonic would be able to break the record of the very 9.58 second set by the legendary Usain bolt in this discipline.

Sora – Fencing

Fencing is one of the most elegant events in the Olympic Games and, although there are hundreds of characters capable of wielding a sword with style in the world of video games, few are as skilled as Sora to win a gold medal. The protagonist of the saga Kingdom hearts He is the chosen one of the Keyblade and with such a position, to see who is the handsome one who tells him that he cannot reach the top of the podium in Tokyo.

Spider-Man – Gymnastics

Fixed bar, parallel, foal, pommel horse, rings or I usually, it does not matter which device we are talking about because no one in the world could defend themselves as well as Spider-man with any of them. Marvel’s character now in the hands of Insomniac Games he is agile like no other and would be able to do all kinds of pirouettes within the discipline of Olympic Gymnastics. So much so that there would be little doubt that he would be the clear gold favorite to participate in the Tokyo Olympics, whether he does so. Peter parker as if it does Miles Morales.

Spyro – Skateboard

We finish our report with another of the disciplines that makes its debut as an Olympic sport in Tokyo: Skateboarding. The logical thing here would be to opt for Tony Hawk, but since he is a real athlete and too busy shooting videos for TikTok with Avril Lavigne, we are left with Spyro. The friendly purple dragon has already demonstrated his good work on the board in Spyro: Year of the Dragon and he knows a few tricks that would help him get an Olympic gold in the discipline of Skaboard.

And now that you know what the 10 video game characters who would win a gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics according to our criteria, it is time for you to tell us what your opinion is. For this you can use the comments section that you will find a little further down in this article.