Take care of your grooming routine

Many times we are not ugly, we just do not know how to take advantage of ourselves. Find an expert or your trusted fashionista to advise you on the type of cut and hairstyle that go well with your hair type, face and lifestyle, and schedule a visit to a dermatologist to learn the ideal skincare routine for your needs. These two steps can work miracles for you.

Analyze your closet

This step is similar to the previous one. Many times we get trapped in aesthetics that no longer work with our age or the time in which we are living, and when we least realize it, we are chasing the unattainable empowered woman, but we see ourselves as shaggy teenagers in Vive Latino. And then we wonder why nobody turns to see us … Be careful: this does not mean that you have to sacrifice your personal style, it is just to give it an upgrade and be very honest about the type of outfits that are making you look ridiculous.

Another thing that can make you look ugly is wearing clothes that don’t fit. No one is going to look sexy if you go through life with a tie that reaches your navel. Observe your outfits with a critical eye and see in what ways you are sabotaging yourself.

Trust yourself

It sounds like a self-help book but it is true: there is nothing more attractive than a person who goes with his head up, his voice strong and clear and a firm greeting. That person can be you, if you adopt an attitude of bodily neutrality regarding your appearance. Being or believing yourself ugly (because you are not even, in strict terms) does not make you less or make you unworthy or less deserving. Focus on everything that a great guy does to you, instead, it helps you look and feel more handsome than you think you are, and that is reflected on the outside.

Cultivate yourself

The cliche phrase verb kills face it is ugly in shape but true and hopeful at heart. If you are ugly, being a good conversationalist will earn you all the points that your appearance takes away from you. Be careful, it does not mean that you should play smart-ass, but it does mean reading, watching good movies, traveling, seeing new places, to have something interesting to talk about when you meet people. Or even if you have no romantic intentions, your own adventurous instinct will thank you.

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Do something for society or the environment

It is always attractive to meet people who can see beyond their own needs and whims and are actively involved in creating a better world. Whether your cause is ecology, education, homeless dogs or sick people (there are a thousand more, but let’s not make this point a tragic note), getting involved in social causes will help you be more interesting, and incidentally , to meet many people with ideals similar to yours.

Learn to play an instrument

Or, be a DJ. This advice is inspired by real events and from another era, but effective with their respective adjustments to the generation. We met a seventy-year-old man who is an extraordinary guitarist. Asked how it started, he said: “I’m very ugly, so I knew I needed a talent to be invited to parties. Then I learned to play the guitar and I was always the life of the party ”. Winning tip.

Be a good dancer

This was not suggested to us by anyone, but it has the same logic as the previous point. In a culture like ours, dancing well is something that always seduces.

Be chivalrous

There are many people who want to feel protected when choosing a partner. Be detailed, protective (but not jealous or exaggerated), and you will see that more than one person will fall for your charm.

Learn to tell jokes

And we are not referring to the typical Pepito nor to playing the comedian and throwing you an endless round of jokes or a monologue, but to developing a naturally funny sense of humor. Many of us are looking for someone to share with.

Be a millionaire, famous or powerful

We did not want to get to this point, and perhaps we say it more with humor than as a life advice, but it has some truth. For better or for worse, people with any of these characteristics will rarely be alone.