10 secret functions of the iPhone headphones, that you surely do not know

10 secret functions of the iPhone headphones, that you surely do not know

If you do not use the Airpods and you are one of the users who uses the iPhone headphones on a daily basis, with cable, keep reading. We are going to simplify your life by explaining 10 secret functions.

Not everything is talking about Airpods. Many users prefer to use Apple’s wired headphones. And do not think that they only serve to listen to music and raise/lower the volume while we enjoy our favorite songs. With them, apart from the aforementioned, you can do many more things, especially by pressing the central button located between the “+” and “-” buttons of the volume that we will call the “central button”.

And it is that our devices are full of functions that we do not know. If you want to know more functions of the iPhone, go through our tutorials.

Here we pass you the decalogue of “secret” functions that we can activate from our headphones.

iPhone Headphone Features:

Before continuing, we will show you a video in which we explain everything in a more visual way:

Now then we will do it in writing:

  1. We will pause the current song by pressing the central button.
  2. By pressing the same button twice, but keeping it pressed during the second clickwe will fast-forward through the song.
  3. This button by pressing it 3 times and keeping it pressed in the third press, we will advance through the subject much faster.
  4. Double press the center button to switch to the next song.
  5. Triple press, on the central button, we will reproduce a previous song.
  6. In an incoming call, pressing the central button once will take the call.
  7. By making a long press on an incoming call, we will reject it.
  8. When you are answering a call and a new one comes in, we can answer that new call by pressing the central button once. To return to the current call, and hang up the new one, we will make a long press on that same button.
  9. We can take photos by pressing the “+” volume button.
  10. To activate SIRI  we will long-press the central button. If we do the same action on an iPhone lower than 4S it will appear in ” voice control “.
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As you can see, there are many secret functions that the headphones that come standard with our mobile phone have. They are also valid with compatible helmets that have the volume buttons and the central button.