10 powerful advertising campaigns of the week, without waste

10 powerful advertising campaigns of the week, without waste

Throughout this week we witnessed powerful advertising campaignswho were surprised by the creative capacity they reached and discovered the role of ideas in brand communication, which is proven not only with the scope of these pieces, but also with the investment in this industry, which according to one projection worldwide of GroupMwill reach more than 837 billion dollars during 2022.

These projections are fundamental because they tell us about the role of advertising in the lives of brands and how, in the midst of inflation and after a health contingency, the value of ideas successfully moves the business needle.

Campaign: Magic

Agency: Hatch The Agency

Client: HP Hood

Vibrant colors and a clear message were the central delivery of this campaign, where we see the power of creativity in the dairy category in retail.

Campaign: I Don’t Go

Agency: The Agency

Client: Specsavers

This powerful campaign makes testimonials a unique resource for learning about a company.

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Campaign: KOPRA khan Kopratif


Client: Bank Mandiri

Animation does not disappoint when it comes to creating scenarios that captivate the consumer, as this practical promotional campaign warns.

Campaign: Diamonds

Agency: Johannes Leonardo

Client: Volkswagen

Diamonds surprises with a piece where soccer becomes a unique story.

Campaign: Built For The Trail

Agency: FAMILY

Client: The North Face

One of the most beloved apparel brands, The North Face, arrives with a campaign where it shows who is the leader in the sale of outdoor clothing.

Campaign: People who come to Cricket, stay with Cricket

Agency: Argonaut

Customer: Cricket Wireless

Telecom companies surprise with concise messages, explaining how important it has become to interact with the consumer with the help of precise campaigns.

Campaign: Scary Fast

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy • Sonic Union

Client: Ford

Gone are the campaigns that only focused on clear shots of a car, now the narrative puts audacity as the protagonist.

Campaign: TUINUANE (Let’s lift each other)

Agency: Tessera Communications

Client: Safaricom

The union between people was never explained in a better way than in this campaign that leaves no wasted elements, to communicate values.

Campaign: Luba – Automated Robot Lawn Mower

Agency: Vantage Pictures

Client: Mammotion

A robot that mows grass is the great promise that this campaign presents you with all kinds of technological resources that help achieve a unique advertising piece.

Campaign: 5th Anniversary: ​​Unify

Agency: Sunday Creative House

Client: Free Fire

A Free Fire short film? It is possible and this campaign manages to demonstrate the impact of video games on our lives.

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