10 campaigns that surprised this week for their creative audacity

10 campaigns that surprised this week for their creative audacity

Is week we witnessed a series of bells that surprised by the originality of their creative execution and the role that they show to play in the business needle of the brands that activated these pieces, trusting at all times in their creative audacity.

The audacity of these pieces is the result of an upward projection in investment in advertising that has been detected in Latin American countries such as Mexico, where brand confidence went from investing four billion dollars in 2020 to four thousand 300 million dollars in 2021.

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There are cases where the investment volume is brutally higher. Brazil, for example, went from investing 12.3 billion dollars in 2020 to 13.3 billion dollars in 2021, while small countries like Uruguay, despite the size of their economy, went from investing 190 million dollars to 205 million dollars in the same period. comparative, resulting from a study by Magnaglobal, entitled “Global Advertising Forecast Winter Update 2020”.

Campaign: Nothing Can Do What a Soldier Can Do

Agency: Accenture Song and MJZ

Country: UK

Client: The British Army Recruitment

The piece makes a very remarkable visual exercise, as it shows scenes of a future where the reality of war robots arrives, but in the meantime, it is necessary to continue recruiting humans, who do the military exercise.

Campaign: Beach with the Best

Agency: Valiant Pictures, The Workshop and MMGY

Country: United States

Client: Visit Myrtle Beach

Humor takes over this campaign that was delivered to a tourist office, which stands out for being customers who rely on creative alternatives to highlight the destinations they promote.

Campaign: Our Mission

Agency: B-Reel

Country: United States

Client: Osmos

If you have never heard of a Chief Reading Officer, this campaign is your chance to hear the testimony of LeVar Burton, who finds in Osmo the opportunity to promote reading among children and adolescents.

Campaign: To each his own service

Agency: TBWAParis

Country France

Client: McDonald’s

French creativity becomes relevant in a piece that stands out for a unique creative element and it is surprising to understand how important a brand like McDonald’s becomes, in countries as traditional and with a gastronomic culture as France.

Campaign: Share my Clogs

Agency: Havas Media

Country: UK

Client: Virgin Media O2

The telephone service in a huge region like Europe could never be better explained with a campaign that has no creative waste.

Campaign: Hype

Agency: VCCP London • Girl and Bear

Country: UK

Client: VCCP London • Girl and Bear

Streaming leverages creativity to publicize a service that stands out in the United Kingdom for coming from a star brand in that region: Virgin.

Campaign: Straight Outta Crumpton

Agency: McCann

Country: UK

Client: Aston Manor

English creativity is unleashed and this McCann campaign for Aston Manor proves it using animated graphics.

Campaign: Pride Dream Team

Agency: Forever Beta

Country: UK

Client: Google and UK Football Association

Inclusion in sport explained in a campaign that stands out for its creative originality.

Campaign: Every Kind of Snuggle

Agency: Chiat/Day

Country: United States

Client: Snuggle

Garments play a key role in our daily lives and the fabric softener Snuggle commissioned a campaign where this was verified, but from the emotional angle in which the pieces often interfere.

Campaign: This is not a city

Agency: El Taier DDB

Country: Guatemala

Client: Crown

Corona has a very important mission to raise awareness of the problem of plastic in the oceans and this piece stands out for the idea that this material is so harmful to the ecosystem, but so present in our daily consumption.

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