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10 benefits they present for echocardiography

10 benefits they present for echocardiography

In echocardiography, Doppler ultrasound equipment has gained impressive relevance in medical studies in recent years, since it has allowed significant advances in the analysis of the cardiac system, both at the morphological and functional level, in healthy patients as well as in those who suffer from heart disease. But, what are the benefits they present? We present them to you below.

Doppler equipment allows to determine the direction of blood flow

By combining color-coded Doppler with echocardiography, the direction of blood flows can be determined and blood velocity calculated at specific points throughout the various chambers and structures of the cardiac system. Using the movement of red blood cells, it is possible to obtain velocity measurements, which together, with the application of mathematical formulas, allow the calculation of pressure variants through cardiac orifices or valves.

Discovery of partial obstructions

Doppler equipment can also detect partial or complete blockages in blood vessels, making it a frequently used method to evaluate deep vein thrombosis in the leg and to examine cholesterol plaques in some arteries, such as the carotid arteries.

Estimate repercussion of a valulopathy with Doppler equipment

Thanks to the fact that they allow calculating the pressure gradient, with Doppler equipment it is possible to estimate the functional repercussion that a valve disease could bring.

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Analyze branch vessels

Thanks to 3D color Doppler, branching vessels can be analyzed efficiently.

Quantitative assessment of local myocardial motion

Tissue Doppler imaging enables quantitative assessment of local myocardial motion and function, providing faster and more direct diagnoses.

Valvular function study thanks to Doppler

Through different Doppler techniques (such as pulsed, continuous or color coded), it is possible to study valve function with great precision. In some cases, even invasive studies are no longer required to study valve dysfunction.

Evaluate diastolic function thanks to Doppler equipment

It is also possible to assess this function by detecting and relating the velocities of the early filling wave and the late filling wave of the left ventricle.

Doppler equipment allows to determine risk of pre-reclampsia

This function is essential for pregnant women, since it studies the blood flow through the placenta. In addition, fetal anemia can be diagnosed non-invasively, also being able to see disorganized arteries or arteries with weak walls.

Surgery planning

Doppler equipment is also applied in the planning of surgeries, as it allows the area to be operated on to be analyzed in terms of blood flow and circulation.

It’s a quick test

In addition to being fast, it is a non-invasive and risk-free test, which means comfort for patients.

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